Turn Your Cremated Ashes into a Tree

Have you ever wanted to have your cremated ashes turned into a tree? Well now you can!

I promise to put the show notes here is a day or two, but with tax season I got a bit behind. Just want you guys to have the show while the Kickstarter campaign is still underway!

Questions for Bios Urn

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What is your background, and how did it lead you to become part of the Bios Urn team?
Who are at the visionaries for the Bios Urn, and what is their story?
Tell us more about the Bios Urn. What is it made of, and how does it work?
Why you believe the Bios Urn is an important product?
How is the Bios Urn superior to other methods of internment?
What long-term tests have been performed with the Bios Urn, and what results do they show?
A former guest on the podcast, Susanne Wiigh-Masak, inventor of the Promessa system, which first deconstructs the body before converting it to compost, claims the Bios Urn is inferior to her process because it does not deconstruct: a process she claims mimics the natural process of animals that chew a dead thing before depositing it on the earth. She also claims burying is unnatural, as no other living creature buries its dead (only humans). How would you respond to her criticisms?
What challenges did you encounter during the development of the product?
I understand you have a kick starter program underway. Tell me more about that.
Why is there not a new production run planned for another two years?
Where is the product manufactured?
How do you plan to distribute the Bios Urn to customers?
What is next for the Bios Urn team?
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