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From the musical “Cats” by Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in
If you find there
The meaning of what happiness is
Then a new life will begin

What a lovely notion, and one I believe in. We live, we die, we are remembered, and a new life begins. My guest Irina Jordan is in the memory business. As founder and owner of Artisurn, she curates a precious collection of one of a kind urns, jewelry and keepsakes that do so much more than just hold the remains of a loved one. They hold our memory of them too. Irina is a super optimist, writes on the Huffington Post, practices yoga, recently did a TedTalk on the Good Death, and still finds time to raise three children with her husband. A beautiful and intelligent lady from the Old Country, please join me for my interview with Irina Jordan of Artisurn.

Some urns Irina sells

In this Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Irina’s journey from Russia to the United States
  • Why she chose urns as a business
  • How she managed to get in the Huffington Post
  • Where to buy her products

The $25 off gift certificate!

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