Your brain is plastic. No, I didnt say your brain is made out of plastic, I said your brain is plastic, as in easily shaped or molded. Neuroscientists tells us that by dwelling on a thought, good or bad, we cut a new groove in our gray matter, which then influences our behavior. Even of youre an old coot like me, born in 1956 and with a brain like a dried fig. Yes, we are talking death, with Jon Underwood, founder of the Death Cafe. And honest, open talk is the good heart of any effective Death Cafe: an event where folks can get together over coffee and cake, and just talk. That’s the simple beauty of a Death Cafe. No agenda. No sales pitch. Just real human interaction, eyeball to eyeball, knee to knee. Talking about death cuts a new groove in your brain, a better groove, one with more awareness and less fear. So set your phones on airplane mode for this one folks, cuz your gonna love hearing from Jon Underwood of the Death Cafe.

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