You care about the earth in life ~ but what about in death? Will your final act be kind to the planet and to those you leave behind? Learn what a truly green funeral is, what is myth and what is truth, the trends and the obstacles in this interview with Jeff Jorgenson of Elemental NW ~ Seattle’s first and only all green funeral home.

In one of those unexpected twists of fate that life tosses our way, Jeff found himself with a newly minted degree in aeronautics, plus a Master of Science in Management, but a job offer with the corporate goliath of the funeral business world. He took the job and paid his dues, opening Elemental to serve a growing niche: a greener, more affordable, collaborative approach to funerals. Today Jeff is one of the leaders in a movement of entrepreneurs who are challenging entrenched systems that are often unaware of their environmental impact, and by doing so has discovered he can also provide a less expensive, more intimate experience for the families he serves.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The definition of a carbon neutral cremation
  • How to spot “greenwashing”
  • The business practice of managing a triple bottom line
  • His YouTube series called “Is it Legal?” with Caitlin Doughty of the Order of the Good Death
  • The greenest way to go
  • The hybrid cemetery
  • The optimal depth for burial
  • Why have a vault?
  • How not to be selfish
  • Where to find a green funeral home from the Green Burial Council
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