One man’s journey through aging & into the “great maybe”


One man’s journey through aging & into the “great maybe”

Hi there! You’ve landed on the personal blog for Brant Huddleston, born 1956, where I write about how it feels to age in the 21st century, if and how we will be remembered, why men struggle, our wonderings about what lies beyond death, and other “mad musings.”

This blog compliments my Dance Past Sunset podcast where I interview an eclectic group of guests, from artists to authors, from witches to wanderers, each of whom share their ideas for the best way to navigate the home stretch.

Whether you hang out here or there, I hope what you find is a blessing to you. Thanks for dropping by!


Mother and the Mosh Pit

Like migratory birds responding to an archetypal memory telling them where to go, young men respond, drawn to the mosh pit and the opportunity it offers to work out their emerging warrior energy.

When the Oak Tree Falls ~ A Death Wish

Like a tall oak that finally lost its powerful clutch of the earth and slumped to the forest floor during the night, or a grandfather clock that had not been wound and gave its last declaration at midnight, the man was gone.

The Mystery of the Coffee Grinds

We are like trees. Our roots go deep and are hidden. Our branches spread wide to the heavens and sway and grow, never the same today as they were yesterday. Who can perceive the whole of us? Every leaf is a story that makes us who we are.

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