What you’ll find here are thoughtful ruminations on the journey from life to the afterlife, on death and dying, if and how we will be remembered, why men struggle, and our wonderings about what lies beyond death. My role is finding wise people, interviewing them on the podcast, and sharing what we learn together. Sometimes practical, often not. It’s all here for you to enjoy, for free, with my thanks.

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The Third Step of Krishna and the 4% Universe

The known universe…every star, every galaxy, every black hole, is just a marginal part of existence. The vast majority (96%) can be neither seen nor detected. Krishna’s “abode of the gods.” Are we there “now”?

What I Nearly Forgot

There are some who, like Ophelia, fall into water and drown, their pale hands frantically waving inches below the glassy surface, as if to grasp the bright world beyond and pull it down around them. Those who breathe air and not water pass by and look, but cannot see what lies beneath.

How We Make Old People Suffer

My Mom, and millions of seniors like her, cannot have a taste of what relieved the suffering of the president of the United States. 1000 years from now, we’ll feel bad about that.

I Lived Over a Pig Sty, and What It Taught Me About War

There is a cost to war, measured in human life, and the victors possess the determination, perspective, and resolve to pay that cost for as long as it takes to win. We can, as humans, hold in one hand the horror, regret, and sadness that comes with the loss of life, while holding in the other the numb resolve to carry on.

A Path to Your Own Treasure

These writings and films open a window onto my personal journey on death. My hope is that by glimpsing through it you will find a blessing, and perhaps, a path to your own treasure.

Thanks to All Who Dropped By

To all my guests and listeners, you have my most sincere thanks for being the most important part of this experiment. My hope for you is all good. As for me? I don’t know, but in some places, summer is endless.

©  Brant Huddleston

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