Dance Past Sunset offers useful resources helping people boogaloo into their sunset years with dignity, comfort and safety, either at home, at a care facility, or out there in the wild exploring the wonders of this world. There are three pools to swim in:​
The brand new Youtube channel features short, upbeat tutorials (called “Senior Moments”) on ways technology helps people maintain independent, high quality lives.
The seasoned Dance to Death Afterlife podcast and blog features an eclectic group of guests, from artists to authors, from witches to wanderers, ruminating on the journey from life to the afterlife, on aging with dignity, if and how we will be remembered, why men struggle, and our wonderings about what lies beyond death.
Go!MobileTours ~ the world’s largest online store of self-guided tours that run on popular mobile devices like your smartphone. Designed for folks who live independently and want to travel the same way.
Sometimes practical, sometimes not, always upbeat and lively…it’s all here for your growth, freedom and enjoyment.
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A Review of “Being Mortal” by Dr. Atul Gawande

If you care for a senior, if you care about health care costs, if you care for people, then take the time to read this book. There it all is, beautifully written, laid out in plain language, the answer to so many of the problems that vex us.



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